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Otherwise known as “2013 in Review.”

2013 has been a rather eventful year for me.  As December comes to a close I generally make it a habit to reflect back on the past twelve months of my life and all the changes it has brought me.  Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on what side of the fence you sit on) I most often do this in lists or short blurbs, which makes it easier to handle.

Since I will be requiring this activity of my students, it only seems fitting I do it first myself…  And so, I grace you with the 10 Best and/or Most Notable Events of 2013 (in no particular order):

1. Was FINALLY hired as a full-time teacher for a first grade classroom in a very beloved school district.  Yay me!
2.  Won a Kindle Fire in a raffle and it has made all the difference in my life as a reader.  I love my Kindle more than words can express.
3.  My second beautiful niece was born in September.
4.  Attended my first NJEA convention and participated in brain compatible teaching workshops lead by Marcia Tate, which completely changed my life.
5.  Made new and solidified existing friendships to create a strong and trustworthy network of peers.
6.  Raised three tadpoles to frogs and so witnessed one of nature’s great miracles.
7.  Being able to watch my first niece grow and spend time exploring the simple pleasures in life with her.
8.  Spending time with my boyfriend, who is there for me through thick and thin, even if we are complete buttheads to each other.  So proud of him for landing a job he enjoys and starting an exciting new career!
9.  Had an amazing trip to Saratoga this year, including lucky winning horses and shopping in downtown 🙂
10. Feeling validated and appreciated as a professional, as well as successful in the start of my career.

With the good must come the bad, but I won’t necessarily try to draw this list out…

1.  The doggie love of my life passing away shortly before Christmas.  I will continue to miss her terribly.
2.  Resigning from my job at the country club, which I greatly enjoyed, and know that even if I were to return it would never be the same…
3.  Developing nasty seasonal allergies, aggravated by everything wet and damp outside.  Ugh!
4.  Gaining back all this weight I worked so hard to get rid of… and losing motivation to go to the gym…
5.  To all the plants I killed this year: I AM SO SORRY!  I swear I had the best of intentions! D:


Coming soon to a blog near you: Goals for the New Year.


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