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Daily Prompt: Brainwave


Daily Prompt: Brainwave

Before I enlighten you with my brilliant idea, I would like to say that the descriptor “best” is a subjective term and is certainly in the eye of the beholder.

I love trashy television, and let me tell you… they just don’t make it like they used to.  I was (am) a huge fan of stupid VH1 shows, especially their dating shows (Rock of Love 1-3, Daisy of Love, I Love New York, Tough Love, etc…).  A few years back, after listening to the public complain about how young people these days just don’t vote anymore I devised a perfect idea to give new, aspiring politicians a chance while engaging young adults in politics, ultimately increasing their voter participation.  And so I give you… America’s Next Top President.

The premise of this show is for politicians to duke it out in different competitions to demonstrate their political and social prowess for all of America to see.  The competitions will be based on various reality TV show themes and competitions.  For example, we can have our candidates compete in a diplomatic-hand shaking photography contest a la America’s Next Top Model.  There will be project management activities courtesy of Donald Trump, and perhaps a Bret Michaels style Mud Bowl or Truck Stop Games (season 3) to help the candidates release some pent-up energy and connect to their fellow Americans.  Group therapy sessions like in Tough Love would give us great insight into the mental stability of our potential leaders.

Of course, any reality show worth its salt has to have its weekly eliminations too.  This will help to narrow down the playing field a bit.

Other benefits of the show:  as with other reality TV shows the casting is open to anyone – giving other, regular people the opportunity to get their name and face out there, not just those who have been groomed for this their entire lives and have billions to spend on campaigning.  In addition to this, it may help out a little with our 2 party dominated system.  Candidates on the show will be put into “parties” based on their political beliefs, however they will be split by color (Red, White, Blue, etc) instead of labels such as Republican or Democrat.  This way, the winners for each party will be able to run alongside the regular liberal and GOP candidates in the election, thereby creating more voting opportunities.  Pair that with the publicity from the show and watch as “third party” votes rise.

Honestly, when you think about it, the idea isn’t really that much more ridiculous than how politics are handled in the real world… just saying…


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