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I’m dreaming of a white…

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Russian!  Just like the ones I used to drink…  With the ice cubes glistenin’, and my tongue a wishin’, to taste that delicious beverage in my throat…

Snow Day #2 for the year is almost over.  Obviously we needed it – we did get several inches of snow – but it was kind of a waste of a day.  We just came back from a 12 day long winter break, for one, so it’s not like I could enjoy this as a mental health day in the expanse of long work weeks.  Besides, we only had 1 day built into the calendar and we used that before winter break, so now we will lose a day somewhere else.

On the bright side I did get to sleep in a little and I had a delicious grilled veggie panini for lunch.  I even got in a little exercise by shoveling out my boyfriend’s car so he could go to work today.  Now I am enjoying a white Russian made with caramel vodka.  Straight up (or in this case on the rocks) YUM!

Ah, well.  A three day weekend and then back to school on Monday.  It just gives me more to look forward to!


Author: niennie

My endless stream of musings and rambling thoughts stem from my loquacious tendencies and intrinsic need to communicate with members of society. Mostly this blog is a place for me to talk about my passions - teaching, reading, cooking, my family, my lover - and is a tool for me to work on being more introspective.

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