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When my boyfriend and I do not spend the night together, I use his body wash in the shower.  Not just because Old Spice Swagger makes me think of him, but also just because I find the smell intoxicating.

I have somewhat of a separation anxiety. We don’t live together (yet) but we spend an awful lot of time together, and I am sad when situations require us to be apart. 

This unhappiness is exacerbated when I’m feeling insecure, which is something I’ve been struggling with lately.  I’m disappointed with myself and how I’ve been neglecting my body: not eating enough wholesome food, not going to the gym, eating out way too much, etc.  My self image has been exceptionally poor the past few weeks/months.  But I don’t know how to pull myself out of it.

I knew that if I take care of myself I will feel better about my body, so I realize that I need to eat better and hit the gym.  But there has to be something more I can do to boost myself to get motivated.

What do you do to pull yourself out of a negative funk?  How do you stay motivated?  Where do you look for inspiration?


Author: niennie

My endless stream of musings and rambling thoughts stem from my loquacious tendencies and intrinsic need to communicate with members of society. Mostly this blog is a place for me to talk about my passions - teaching, reading, cooking, my family, my lover - and is a tool for me to work on being more introspective.

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