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I’ve Always Depended Upon the Kindness of Strangers

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My kindle has many miles on it.  I take it with me just about everywhere.  I read in bed in the mornings on weekends, I read myself to sleep the majority of the nights in a week.  I read at the gym, I read to pass the time.  My kindle is extremely precious to me.

So I was devastated when I, being the scatterbrained person that I am, forgot it in my hotel room this morning after checking out from a late-night bachelorette party for my good friend.  I didn’t realize I had left it behind until we were about 20 or so minutes from Atlantic City, eating breakfast at an Ihop, staving off hangovers.  I looked in my purse and GASP – kindle was not there.  I checked my bags in the car, and it wasn’t there either.

This is where panic ensued.  I called the hotel and they said they could hold the room I stayed in for one hour and I could go in and look for it.  So back to AC we went and I ran in to the hotel.  They gave me a key to get back in and I rushed back to the room.  I went in and looked behind the bed and under the beds but the kindle was not there.

Nor was it in lost and found.  Nor had the floor manager seen it.  Nor had our cleaning person.  Security had no idea either.

Well, fuck!  FUCK!  What do I do next?  I filled out a claim and the investigator pretty much told me chances of me getting it back are extremely slim.  I told him that it was probably in the laundry, because it had been wrapped up in the sheets, which is why I forgot to pack it.  He was extremely skeptical of that.

I resigned myself to the fate of being kindle-less and needing to buy a new one, or ask for one for my birthday.  But I didn’t WANT a new kindle.  I just want MY kindle.

But, as it would seem, luck is on my side today.  Because the hotel called me and said that they found my kindle!  It was in the laundry (just like I said it would be, thank you very much).  They’re going to mail it to me and hopefully my kindle will safely be back in my hands soon.  Of course I can’t assess “safely” until I have it… but I’m trying not to worry about that.

I’m just so happy that I went back and filed the claim.  It was a very long hour of calls and questions, especially when the bride-to-be wanted to be back home already, but it was worth it.  I can’t wait for my baby to come home!


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