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Behind on my book logging…

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This is How You Fall by Keith Dixon – 13

It’s been a few weeks since I read this, but I can tell you it was beautifully written.  It’s so nice to pick up a book and just fall in love with the words.  The craft in this book is just lovely.  Read it.

Six of One by JoAnn Spears  – 14

Quite the quirky read… the book took longer to get to the point than I thought it was going to.  If you are a nerd and especially love the Tudors and Elizabethan England, this book is for you.  I wasn’t super impressed.

It’s Just A Dog by Russ Ryan – 15

It was really cute and funny, although the beginning was difficult for me because my favorite dog passed away this winter, and the beginning was all about him mourning his late doggie companion.  The kidnapping part of the story was sooooo cheesy… I mean, c’mon… but I enjoyed this book.  A quick and easy read.

Finding Her Feet by Jams N Roses – 16 

I debated with myself the entire time I was reading this book if I actually wanted to finish it or not.  The story was interesting, although completely unbelievable at most times.  Parts of the story that I think were supposed to get a highly emotional reaction didn’t move me like they should have.  The story was mildly interesting, but I wasn’t really a fan of the style of writing.


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