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25 – Flowertown

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Flowertown by S.G. Redling

I cannot say enough good things about this book!  The premise of the story is that a 7.5 square mile section in Iowa is quarantined due to a chemical spill that leaked into groundwater supplies and essentially poisoned everyone in this small town.  Order is now just barely kept by military and workers for the chemical company responsible for the tragedy.  All those in the quarantined area are required to take a strict measure of drugs in order to combat the affects of the pesticide and manage their health – or so they think…  Soon, the main character, Ellie, starts to uncover secrets that may change what everyone knows about Flowertown.

I’ve never been particularly good at summarizing a book so that you’ll want to read it (as you snicker and recall my past blog posts about books I’ve read…), which is why I’m stopping that previous paragraph now. Instead, let me just gush for a minute about how amazing the book was.

Everything about it was so well crafted.  The characters were interesting and well developed (except maybe Roman, although that may have been on purpose… Until the end I couldn’t tell if I should trust him or not).  I was impressed by how well the culture of Flowertown itself was fleshed out, from the day to day life to the slang terms that outsiders and insiders used to describe the area.  There was suspense, mystery, humor, and plot twists (oh! the twists!).  I truly could not put it down.

Yeah.  Just yeah.  Go out, find this book, buy this book, read this book.  Actually, it’s on sale right now at Amazon for just $2.  Money well spent if you ask me…


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