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Sweet Water by Christina Baker Kline – 26

I also read Orphan Train by this author, so when this one came up on bookbub I snagged it.  I was not disappointed.  I enjoyed the story… it was easy to get swept into.  The main character inherits a house in the south from her grandfather, whom she had extremely limited contact with.  She decides to live in the house instead of sell it, and along the way uncovers many family secrets.

As a side note, I was really surprised by the contents of the box – it made a lot of sense, realistically speaking, but I just thought that it would’ve been more since Clyde was so hell-bent on getting it.

Anyways, I would recommend this book as an easy-going read.


When I Found You by Catherine Ryan Hyde – 27

Similarly to Sweet Water, I had read Don’t Let Me Go by this author and lovedlovedloved it, so I was drawn to this novel.  This story was somewhat different – a duck hunter discovered a newborn baby in the woods under a pile of leaves.  He rescues him, and many years later takes the boy – now an adolescent – under his wing.  I truly enjoyed this story as well.  I love the character flaws, and how things aren’t always perfect.  I have a tendency to dislike stories that are “too perfect.”  I’m not saying this book was 100% realistic, but it had enough to satisfy me.  Would recommend this as well.


Sanders’ Starfish by Tara C. Allred – 28

This book was not quite as good as the previous two.  A clinical psychologist in a private mental hospital is certain that something fishy is going on with the two doctors in charge.  They don’t seem to be letting a certain patient advance in her therapy to the point of leaving the hospital.

Maybe it’s because I read a book with a similar plot previously, or maybe this book was just too predictable, but I wasn’t thrilled by it.  It was interesting enough to read, but I wouldn’t go around telling everyone to get it.  The ending was too abrupt for me.  Realism wasn’t the issue in this book, more just that I felt it left me hanging – there was not enough falling action.  Oh well.  Still an easy and quick read 😉


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