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DP: An Odd Trio

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Wednesday’s To-Do List:

– go to spin class
– make boyfriend’s lunch
– feed the cat
– start pulled pork in the crock pot
– wash sheets
– remember the wet beach towel on the bathroom floor and add that to the laundry pile
– make broccoli & kale soup
– pack bowl of broccoli soup for lunch
– meet boyfriend at work for lunch
– return home to a pile of dirty dishes in sink; wash dishes
– remake bed
– clean the litter box
– take out trash
– get the mail
– unload dishwasher
– tidy the house
– relax


Author: niennie

My endless stream of musings and rambling thoughts stem from my loquacious tendencies and intrinsic need to communicate with members of society. Mostly this blog is a place for me to talk about my passions - teaching, reading, cooking, my family, my lover - and is a tool for me to work on being more introspective.

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