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46-49; an exercise in patience

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46 – 600 Hours of Edward by Craig Lancaster

The story follows Edward, an adult with Asperbergers, for 600 hours of his life.  Edward has set routines and procedures he does daily but when a new neighbor across the street comes into his life he begins to rethink things.

I loved this book.  I wish I could say more about it, but I feel like I read it forever ago.  I could see how some people could get annoyed by the repetition of his behaviors, but it didn’t bother me (perhaps because it appealed to my own ocd).


47 – Halfskin by Tony Bertauski

 Essentially, modern science has created super cells called biomites that target specific areas of the body… anything from physical needs (regrowing an amputated limb, curing diseases) to superficial (weight loss, making you look younger).  Politicians create a system (Mother) to monitor people with these biomites and when they approach “redline” (50% biomite makeup) they kill them, citing that once someone is more than 50% biomite, they become more machine than human.  The main character is approaching redline and his sister is doing the best she can to create “invisible” biomites and save him from certain death.

I’m not usually into sci-fi, but I did really enjoy this book..  Fast paced and easy to get into.  Honestly, I couldn’t put it down.


48 – The Dig by Michael Siemsen

This book took me forever to get through.  The main character in this book is able to “read” historical objects – by touching items, he has visions of the people who previously owned them.  Anything someone touches, is wearing, or holds during an emotional time will hold an imprint that he can pick up.  As a child, his father abuses this power to help him solve homicide cases.  Now, he works for museums to help place certain artifacts.  In this book, he travels to Africa to read a strange discovery – a piece of clothing woven from metal threads.  He unfolds the story of a pre-human society in subsequent readings.

The book was interesting, but it was just drug out way too long.  There was so much detail in this society that the author came up with, and after a while I was only reading to find out what happened in the end, but I wasn’t enjoying the journey to get there anymore.  I was not impressed.


49 – The Paris Time Capsule by Ella Carey

You know that Parisian apartment that was discovered, preserved and untouched, a few years ago? This novel aims to explain the back story of the apartment when Cat, a New York woman, inherits the apartment. Soon after she gets involved with the mystery of why it was left to her. Along the way her engagement to a man who is obviously not right for her progresses, and a better fit is right at her fingertips, until… well, I won’t spoil it.

The book was interesting and an easy read, although I was hoping it would tell more about the things in the apartment, as that is what drew me to this book in the first place.  The love story was cheesy and made me roll my eyes at points, but overall this was a pretty good book.


I would now like to say that I typed this out completely with one hand, as the other was petting the cat on my lap, and that one hand had to dodge the rapidly moving tail of aforementioned cat whilst it typed.  Phew.  An exercise in patience, for sure.


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