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Good and Not So Much…

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34. The Language of Hoofbeats by Catherine Ryan Hyde

I am never disappointed by this author’s books.  This story centers around a family who just moved to a small town in California.  Jackie and her wife have one adopted child, and two foster children.  The oldest foster child runs away with the neighbor’s horse and then forms a very unlikely relationship with her.  I flew through this one.

35. Every Day by David Levithan

A wakes up everyday in someone else’s body.  Boy, girl, fat, thin – doesn’t matter – but the borrowed body is always someone his (possibly hers, they never specify, but to me it seemed like a guy) age.  He falls in love with a girl named Rhiannon, and tries to have a relationship with her in his ever changing physical state.  I really liked this book too.  Quick and interesting read.

36. Tell A Thousand Lies by Rasana Atreya

A girl in a small village in India is manipulated by a scumbag politician her entire life.  He makes everyone believe that she is a goddess to help him win votes in elections.  I’m surprised I made it through the entire book because at times I was just plain bored, or the writing was getting on my nerves.  Just when I was about to abandon it there would be some twist and I’d get sucked back in… I didn’t really love it though and wouldn’t recommend it overall.

37. The Crying Tree by Naseem Rakha

Oh. My. God.  This book was AMAZING.  I can’t even do it justice by trying to give you a plot synopsis, but I can tell you that you should make it a point to read this book.  I finished it in about a day – I just couldn’t put it down.  Fantastic.

38. Brailling for Wile by James Zerndt

This book was just weird.  The beginning started out so well, and then the more time went on, it was just odd.  I had trouble keeping track of some of the characters (because names were thrown out there with such little character development you couldn’t remember who they were supposed to be).  The characters that you did know were just weird (uh, hello, Helyana).  I was glad when the book was over…

39.  Sold by Patricia McCormick

A 13 year old Nepali girl is sold into sex slavery by her gambling step father.  She thinks she is going to work as a maid in the city, but instead finds herself in a brothel where it’s nearly impossible for her to escape.  This was a quick read (I started it around 1:15 today, and here I am blogging about the books I’ve read the past two weeks at 3:07 pm).  It’s a heavy topic but soooo beautifully written.  Almost like poetry.  Definitely recommend this one..


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